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The Land Of AdSense, Content and SEO
Written By DJ Smith

January 28, 2008

I was reading some of the postings on the Google AdSense forum recently. It's funny how people think they can toss AdSense advertisements on a web page and expect for the money to roll in. People have this notion that the money will come without doing any leg work.

Click Me

Before AdSense will even work, you have to have a site with traffic. Chance are you aren't going to get many clicks on your ads if you only have a few visitors a day. So how do you create traffic? Well there's several ways you can create and build traffic on your site. It really depends on what kind of content you are providing and how well you've optimized your pages. Boring content or content that you rarely update isn't going to bring visitors in droves. Updating your content, optimizing your site and creating content that keeps people coming back. So what is good content?

Content Is King

Writing good content depends on your knowledge of the subject matter. You won't find me writing articles about how to tune-up a car. Write about stuff that you are knowledgeable in so you can enlighten others. Make sure to use good grammar and spell check before you post your article. I've seen so many postings out there with poor grammar and numerous spelling errors. Use your resources! Most blogs have built in spell checking and the same goes for word processing programs such as Microsoft Word. When writing content think about how search engines will view your site. Keyword are relevant to how well your site will rank with the search engines. Don't overdo it when writing content but keep it in mind as you create. By writing good content you gain the respect of your peers and your visitors. This generates repeat traffic, links to your website and a host of other benefits.

Queen SEO

You have your website and you have content written so where are the visitors? Well have you notified the search engines? You don't move without informing the Post Office of your new address do you? The search engines might eventually find you but you really need to let them know about your website. I use a program called Simple SEO which is offered by my web hosting company 1& Simple SEO lets me submit my websites to all the major search engines and lots of the other players you don't hear about often. You can go to each search engine and request to add your site. In Google just type in "Add My Site" and you'll see a link that will allow you to submit your website. One of the books I've read that you might want to check out is
Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day by Jennifer Grappone and Gradiva Couzin. I bought mine through along with a few other books on AdSense, SEO and Internet Marketing. Besides the books there's a lot of great websites and online resources to learn more about AdSense, SEO and writing good content.

Part II - Updated information is coming soon.

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Jenni said...

There is an idea in the SEO world that links between sites that have similar internet addresses are not as important as links between sites with very different addresses.

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