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Keep On Top Of Your Social Media With Nutshell Mail

Feel like you are struggling to keep up with your social media?  Don’t get buried in status updates, pokes, mail and Tweets.  There’s a whole lot of services out there that make it easy to manage social media.  The one I like the most is Nutshell Mail from the makers of Constant Contact.  Setting up an account is easy and you can use Facebook Connect, MySpace or Twitter to start your account.  It’s perfect for a small business or even for personal use and its free!

Nutshell sends all your social media updates, likes, tweets and more to you in a convent e-mail.  You get to set the frequency of when you receive that e-mail.  It’s also very customizable so you pick what information you want to see.  Below is an example of the e-mail you receive to keep you on top of your social media.  Think of it as a snapshot of all your social media sites.

No logging into several sites because Nutshell Mail takes care of all that for you.  If someone has commented on any of your sites you can respond right from the email.  It support Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, MySpace, YouTube, Foursquare, and Citysearch.  See it in action today by creating your own free account here.

Know of another other great social media tracking tools?  Feel free to comment and let other know below.

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