How to set your Facebook Fan Page landing page

How to set your Facebook Fan Page landing page

By default the "Wall" tab is the first thing someone sees when visiting your Facebook fan page. But you can change that under "Edit Page" and then "Wall Settings". It's simple!

Wall Settings for Default Landing Tab

In the Wall Settings/View Settings section look for "Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else:" and choose your landing page from the drop down menu. Now when others land on your fan page they'll see what ever page you choose first. Keep in mind that the view you will always see is the default "Wall" view of your page. Plus by using FBML (Facebook Markup Language) you can create custom landing pages. There's more information on FBML and Facebook applications in Promote your Business or Cause using Social Media - The Book. If you find this information helpful please "Like" this page to stay current.

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