Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

The Key To Search Engine Rankings

Getting tired of building a website that can't seem to attract visitors? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is key when building a website for the masses. Keywords are what get sites like Google, Live Search and Yahoo Search to rank your site higher. My website took several months before ranking higher in the search engines. Now certain keywords generate a page one ranking and traffic continues to grow. One of the things I did was check out the keywords of those sites already ranking at the #1 spot. I also made sure that those keywords were located in the copy on my home page. However for those just starting out there's a powerful tool that helps you find the keywords that people are using while searching.

Finding Great Keywords

WordTracker Keywords from WordTracker does all the work for you and is simple to use. There's even a free trial keyword tool but you'll get more out of the full version. I recommend the trial so you can check it out before you buy. The full version gives you a myriad of tools to find profitable keywords. One week subscriptions start off for as little as $30 US, $59 US for a month or less than .82 cents a day for a full year at just $299 US. Wow! Well worth it when you think about the benefits from generating more traffic for your sites. Here's 10 Great Reasons to Subscribe to Wordtracker-Risk-Free!

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